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My Approach


The ancient Indian text Charaka Samhita, the basis of Ayurvedic Medicine, proclaims that freedom from disease is an essential element of human happiness and that good health means more than the absence of pathology. Health, according to ancient Indian medicine, is not judged on a basis of clinical diagnoses, but within the framework of a complete holistic vision of life that also includes spiritual components.

Centuries later, in 1948, the World Health Organization states:

" Health is a state of complete Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity ."

>> My approach is a combination of Eastern and Western methods to help people achieve Global Wellbeing and specifically  feel better in all aspects : Physical, Mental and Emotional.

 My work as a Naturopath Therapist will be to collaborate with you and share my tools, in order to find a sort of "System Language",  that it be clear and simple, with which to interconnect these three centers, allow them to talk to each other, and thus achieve a harmonious dialogue between all parts .

Together we will discover what are your points of strength, innate and acquired, and through these, we will develop your Self - healing Potential .

>> THE COMPLETE NATUROPATHIC CONSULTATION It turns out to be an important means of collecting all the useful data for your personal journey of global rebalancing.

It takes about 2 hours and consists of:

your spontaneous story, some specific questions, observation of your biological constitution, without any machine, but through various tests, including Iridology and tests derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, and Applied Kinesiology.

> THE ACCOMPYING SESSIONS will be personalized  according to the needs and demands that will arise from the first consultation.

They may be weekly, biweekly or monthly and will last 1 hour.

> Depending on the type and nature of the problems, there will be different interventions, treatments or nutritional advice, especially when there are problems of alterations of the Microbiota, Dysbiosis, SIBO or Intolerance.

> The importance of proper Nutrition is an essential part of Naturopathic Therapy and plays a very important role on the path to Global Well-being.

When I talk about Nutrition during the various therapies, I like people to understand it as something that encompasses the entire System and that, just as there are harmful and toxic foods, there are also thoughts, emotions and habits that are (Emotional Toxins, a consequence of psycho-physical Stress).

>> So essentially, in my work with you, we will be dealing with

Global Nutrition :


Body - what you put on your plates

Mind - the quality of your thoughts

Spirit - the emotions that accompany you

Many times, during therapy, the consultation becomes a dialogue of psycho-emotional support and continues as a real Holistic Counseling.

> AT THE END OF THE PATH we will get to create what I have called

Personal Sacred Ritual, formed by simple daily actions, which will allow you to connect with your Vital Force and than be free and self-sufficient to manage your Whole Health.


Respecting you as a unique and authentic Being, I offer you my professional help in total empathy and without judgment.


​Given the particularity of my work, the consultations take place only in an attendance form, except in certain cases when the person is unable for momentary or permanent physical reasons to follow the path with me live.


I believe in the future of Integrative Medicine, where all Health and Welfare professionals can collaborate for the Good and Happiness of people, so, in some cases where I am not able to help you, I can invite you to complement our work with other specialists or professionals from Official Medicine.

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