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>> A practice for the Integral Wellbeing <<

It is a system of exercises that I have created over the years that I practice myself and with which I have helped many people in my work as a Naturopath.

The practice comes from different Eastern and Western disciplines, such as

Chi Kung, Do In,Yoga,Theater, Bioenergetics, Neuroscience, Mindfulness.

That's why I chose this name, composed of the English word Mindful

 and the chinese word Chi  (energy, life force).

It is not a therapy in the conventional sense of the word, but rather a

Method of Personal Growth, for the development of our Consciousness and

our own Human Evolution.

 Discovering the connections between Mind, Emotions and Body allows us to find ways to integrate these different parts into a more harmonious whole, organized around the deepest center of our Being.

 > Our Body, being the most objective and tangible part of the Being, is the most accessible and effective way to our Self-knowledge.



Classes are FOR ALL, BETWEEN 20 AND 100 YEARS OLD and help to train proprioception and conscious attention through simple and specific movements and allow you to realize what happens inside and outside of us at all levels (physical, mental and emotional).

👉🏽Improve psychophysical performance
👉🏽Very effective in case of insomnia, anxiety, stress, digestive and metabolic problems
👉🏽Improve breathing, increasing lung capacity
👉🏽Improve posture and musculoskeletal system
👉🏽Strengthen the immune system
👉🏽Help in mood alterations
👉🏽They improve memory and prevent various cognitive disorders (different types of dementia and cognitive impairment such as MCI and Alzheimer’s).

> Awakening and developping the Consciousness through the Body <

In our first years of life we build Consciousness from the sensations and physical stimuli that come from our own body and through it. Once we reach adulthood we already have a Mind that directs, a Body that responds and Emotions that register, the evolution of the personality inverts its meaning and becomes Psycho-Somatic, that is, from the Mind towards the Body.

All our thoughts, feelings, ideas, desires, emotions, mental processes and psychic states influence our physical body in a definitive way, such as the disease process.

In adult life, the Body becomes the monitor or reflex screen of the Mind, and every symptom, tension, annoyance, reaction, limitation or blockage will be the physical manifestation of a psychic conflict.

> Work our Body to transform our Mind < 

Once the individual understands that identity as a person and behavior were formed through body behavior and identity, they can learn to use the Mind-Body connection so that by working, feeling and releasing each structure, organ, part and element of the Body, feel, become aware, release and heal each value, faculty, quality and potentiality of your Being, unique and authentic!

 Classes in Lanzarote

Algodon de azucar

Change your Perspective!


The illusion below was created in 2003 by web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara and consists of the fact that to some people the figure initially appears to rotate clockwise, while to others it appears to rotate counterclockwise.

If you want to challenge yourself and train a little you can see it spin both ways.


Can you change the perspective of what you see?

Remember. . .
There is not only one Reality!

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