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Bach Flowers

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“The disease of the body itself is only the result of the disharmony between the soul and the mind."


"Any disease, however serious, however persistent, will be cured by restoring the patient’s happiness and the desire to continue his work in life."


"There are seven beautiful stages in the healing of illness, these are: PEACE, HOPE,  JOY, FAITH, CERTAINTY, WISDOM and LOVE"


Edward Bach (Free Yourself, Chap. IX, The True Nature of Illness,1932)


The Therapy with Bach Flowers 

 It is for you if, for example:

- You feel worried about difficulties or new developments.

- You feel insecure  about a decision to make and you always seem to go back to the starting point.

- You feel impatient, intolerant towards yourself and others.

- You are fed up with the usual thoughts in your head.

- You always take care of everything and you never know how to say no... and much more!


Taking the Bach Flowers is an act of love for ourselves, even before it is therapy.
Therefore, the assumption of floral remedies begins with this act, with the voluntary action of attention to ourselves, and with the aim of achieving a cure of our symptoms and discomforts, but also and above all because of the need to get in touch with oneself and one’s own emotions.
It is a holistic therapy, which takes into account the individual as a whole and its uniqueness. 
It does not matter what symptom is presented, but how the individual relates to the symptom itself.
> Floritherapy does not cure the disease, but the moods and reactions to people’s events.
Example: how we react to a given event: with anger, fear, indifference, discouragement, etc. The response we give to the event or symptom indicates which flowers will be useful at that time.

> The field in which the Bach Flowers mainly act is that of emotionality and moods, but certainly as psychosomatic medicine teaches, the mind is not separated from the body, and what is shown at the mental level, has a meaning and influence also on the physical plane.
> Floritherapy does not combat the disease, but develops the qualities that allow us to overcome it.

The founder of the method, the physician Edward Bach (1886-1936)

E.Bach felt the need to find an individual-based method, simple and natural, usable by anyone.​

He noticed more and more the differences of approach that each individual had with the disease, despite the symptoms, each one reacted emotionally differently to the other problem.

Less and less satisfied with the results of symptomatic medicine approached, then, homeopathic medicine. 

But even this did not satisfy him, he sought remedies closer and closer to Nature.

After these observations he decided to close his well-established medical practice in London and devote himself to finding a method for treating human problems.

In 1929 he moved to Wales.

He shot a lot in the field of this region, perfecting his innate sensitivity.

And as an old herbalist felt, testing and proving, that some plants had wonderful therapeutic virtues, also finding similarities and characteristics similar to various human personalities and moods. ​

He sensed that some flowers transmitted through dew, or immersion in water of unique therapeutic virtues.

He first discovered 12 flowers, which constituted the first 12 Healers, as they were called by Bach himself, and then all the others currently known.

In the repertoire of Bach Flowers, with which I work: there are 38 essences that are divided into principals, auxiliaries and assistants.

To these is added the Rescue Remedy, remedy nº39 of Bach, for temporary stabilization purposes in cases of psycho-emotional emergency.

According to the original indications of its method, the flowers are collected in the period of maximum flowering and in the early morning of a sunny day, without clouds in the sky. 


The intact flower is placed in a container with spring water in the field where it is collected and treated according to the method of insolation, leaving it to macerate for three or four hours under sunlight.


After this process, a small percentage of Brandy (according to the original Bach formula) is added as a preservative.


When we talk about flower formulations are understood as final preparations derived from the mixture of 2 or more original formulations.


>> CONSULTATION is the best tool to choose the right Bach flowers for your personal situation.


The Consultation is aimed at focusing the mood that hides behind a certain symptom and to associate to this the corresponding remedies, to have a mixture of remedies created to measure for that person at that certain moment in his life.

The role of the floral therapist is to listen to the client and identify from time to time the moods to rebalance and, consequently, the most appropriate essences for that time;​

Only in this way can the remedies work better by making the person aware of himself and his emotional state.​

It is always advisable to contact qualified therapists and not use them by yourself, flower essences have no contraindications and do not alter the effect of other drugs, but must be taken in the right way, to obtain results.

The interview lasts between 40 and 60 minutes at the price of € 40.00 and includes the 30 ml bottle of the remedies identified .​


The therapy involves taking 4 drops 4 times a day of the personal combination of the remedies identified in the first interview and an accompaniment to adapt the remedies in the possible subsequent mixtures, according to the changes occurred during the course of the treatment.

I’m available to accompany you in Bach Flower Therapy.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact me,


I’ll be happy to help you!



The Naturopath, like the Holistic Counselor, are professional figures who do not cure pathological situations, do not use instruments of the health professions, do not make medical or psychological diagnosis, do not use therapeutic practices reserved for doctors or psychologists and do not propose any kind of medical or pharmacological prescription.

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