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Psychomagic, created by Alejandro Jodorowsky, consists of an Artistic Therapeutic Technique, as he loves to define it, which combines Shamanism, Theatre and Psychoanalysis, to provoke a catharsis in the client.

The therapy is developed through the reading of the Tarot and questions to the client, aimed at exploring his genealogical past.

After these investigations, Jodorowsky prescribes symbolic actions that favor the recovery of an ideal welfare state.

The ultimate purpose of Psychomagic is to achieve that each individual builds an idea of the Sacred on the basis of which it can be cured, by performing metaphorical actions, by means of the strength of symbols,  directly question the unconscious and intervene on it as effective facts.

Psychomagic starts from the premise that certain traumas and unconscious behaviors are transmitted from generation to generation, so that an individual becomes aware of them and is able to neutralize them, should study how they have spread to him through his family tree.

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Milano 2013
The Naturopath, like the Holistic Counselor, are professional figures who do not cure pathological situations, do not use instruments of the health professions, do not make medical or psychological diagnosis, do not use therapeutic practices reserved for doctors or psychologists and do not propose any kind of medical or pharmacological prescription.
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