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The Naturopath is a non-medical operator, expert in complementary and unconventional health disciplines and practices 

The Naturopath does not interfere in the relationship between doctor and patient, abstains from resorting to any type of medicine, does not formulate medical diagnoses and exercises its activity in a synergistic and collaborative manner with official medicine.

It uses techniques, disciplines, products and equipment non-medical, non-invasive and natural that stimulate the reactive capacities of the organism.

The Naturopath educates its clients to recognize possible psychophysical and emotional imbalances, or predispositions to them, as well as to use behaviors and natural methods suitable for the recovery and maintenance of own psychophysical and emotional balance, within the framework of a Holistic Vision of the Human Being.

>> The Basic Principles of Naturopathy

Naturopathy does not direct its intervention to the altered function, but aims to restore harmony between the diseased part and everything, favoring the defensive processes of the organism and adopting measures that are catalytic or constructive.

The principles underlying the ethical and deontological code of naturopaths in the exercise of their profession can be summarized in:


> VIS MEDICATRIX NATURAE, the healing power of Nature

Nature, by means of precise mechanisms of rebalancing, acts in the body and in the mind to maintain and restore the Well-being.

Naturopaths work in order to replenish and sustain such intrinsic healing systems when they have weakened and do so using methods and techniques in harmony with natural processes by stimulating the body’s capacity for self-healing.

> PRIMUM NON NOCERE, first of all do no harm

The Naturopath uses non-invasive treatments, avoiding the suppression of symptoms and recognizing and respecting the process of rebalancing the individual, in addition he's able to evaluate on which clients can act safely and which to direct doctors.

> TOLLE CAUSAM, find the cause

Each imbalance has an underlying cause, often related to lifestyle, diet or individual habits.

The Naturopath acts to find and eliminate the underlying cause of the imbalance avoiding eliminating or suppressing the symptoms appeared.


> DOCERE, The Naturopath as guide and educator

The main objective of the Naturopath is to spread useful values to humanity.

Educates the client to a respectful lifestyle, emphasizing responsibility, not only towards the state of health and well-being, but also towards the Nature and the Planet.


> HOLISTIC APPROACH, take care of the whole person

Real Well-being comes from a complex interaction of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, dietary, environmental, sociological, style-related factors of life and others.

The Naturopath intervenes in the person considering the various parts as an integrated and constantly interconnected system.


The Naturopath indicates to its customers the basic principles for a healthy life and the maintenance of Wellness, emphasizing prevention according to the Terrainits Biological Constitution, evaluating risk factors and assessing its potential Strengths and Defenses.

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