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Connectival Detox

the 5 emunctory organs

Detox treatment is a highly recommended, and often indispensable action,

to treat chronic and autoimmune desease, and after invasive medical care such as : vaccines, cortisone, antibiotics, chemotherapy, surgical interventions etc.

Also turns to be a very effective action to treat problems:



Osteoarticular / Muscular

Endocrine / Hormonal


Circulatory and Lymphatic

Allergies and Intolerances


Detox program consists of a diet + integration of products, appropriate to the degree of toxins and according to the Biological Constitution, to stimulate the efficiency of the emunctory organs and finally, specific massages (eastern and western techniques) to help expel toxins from the Extracellular Matrix of the Connective Tissue (info below).

The duration of the process can vary between 6 and 10 weeks, depending on the type and degree of the problem and the Biological Constitution of the person.


>> Toxins <<

Although we try to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is inevitable that our body

accumulates toxins.

The body itself generates them naturally by degrading food, by eliminating waste or even by accumulating normal body substances.

> When our System has to manage an intake period for external causes

(medicines, stress, nutrition) it can stop in performing its normal metabolic and

physiological functions.

This produces an excess of waste that become toxins (homotoxins).

>> According to Homotoxicology, the body becomes ill due to the accumulation of homotoxins in the tissues, and reacts to a progressive intoxication through, successively, excretion (diarrhoea, vomiting), inflammation (eczema, fever), deposition (warts,cysts adiposity), impregnation (asthma, angina pectoris), degeneration (tuberculosis, cirrhosis) and  dedifferentiation (the little or no differentiation of the cells that make up

a neoplasia - cancer, tumor).

The most important role against the accumulation and intoxication of substances is played by our 5 organs in charge of filtering, draining and eliminating,

called the Emunctory Organs:

Liver, Kidneys, Intestines, Lung and Skin.


> Connective Tissue <

The struggle between the aggressor and the defenses of the human body takes place in the Connective Tissue, specifically in an area called the Extracellular Matrix (ECM).

The diverse set of organic tissues that connects, separates and sustains

the various organ systems that make up the body of living things

has the name of Connective Tissue.

  Connective tissue is the protagonist of all inflammation, acute or chronic.

Connective Tissue performs Static and Dynamic Functions.

> The Static Functions:

It constitutes the scaffolding of organs, confers resistance to bones, makes cartilage rigid and flexible, allows the elasticity and deformability of blood vessels, participates in the lubricating action of synovial liquids, opposes, with its plasticity, to the deformations of the dermis.

> Dynamic Functions:
It provides cellular nutrition, regulates the hydroelectrolytic exchange between tissues, harmonizes the different rhythms of organs, houses the reticuloendothelial system that provides repair and replacement processes when there is loss of substance, secures the vessels and nerves that pass through it.

According to the types of cells of which it is composed, the tissue differs by structure and function: from the most liquid form, the Blood to the most solid, the Bones.

>>> THE BENEFITS of the treatment will be felt in All the System <<<

Decontract areas of the body

Removes inflammation of Organs and Viscera

Increase joint mobility

Improve the postural state

 Increase vascularization

 Improve the subcutaneous elasticity

 Rebalance ones hormone levels

Reach an ideal weight 

A sense of Mental Clarity. . . 

More Energy and Vitality!


In my experience as a Naturopath, considering that Intolerances, unlike Allergies,

are accumulation problems, I have seen that, in order to obtain a more honest and true Intolerance Test, it is essential to have a Detoxification first.

( More informations about Intolerances here )




​If you have any questions or doubts call me or write to me, I'll be

Happy to help you!

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