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Holistic Counseling

The path to your Transpersonal Being

> Holistic Counseling is a Consultation that combines different approaches to the development of Human Potential and to Harmonize the Mind and the Body.


> It is addressed to those who want and feel the need to undertake a path of Knowledge and Inner Growth for a greater Awareness of themselves

Through various personalized exercises for the training of attention, visualization and meditation practice, we can activate our internal resources and make ourselves discover the gratification of a sense of well-being and balance.


With time and proper training we can learn to use the moments available during the day to recharge energies, activate consciousness, relax and develop inner harmony.

> The personal characteristics of each of us are the result of various causes that have influenced us, for better or worse, since birth. 

The type of society in which we grew up, the place, the education received in the family, the experiences, have conditioned us and have created in us behaviors and rigid schemes

that react automatically.

It can happen that a vicious circle is created that leads us, sometimes, to feel trapped, to perpetuate the same mistakes and revive the same situations that cause stress and unhappiness.

>>> The Origin of the Method to which I am inspired in my Holistic Counseling <<<

 Is more than a century old and comes from the theories of Psychosynthesis and the Development of the Transpersonal Being of Roberto Assagioli, an Italian psychiatrist,

contemporary and friend of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.

Assagioli developed Psychosynthesis because he felt that the Freudian analysis was too much 

limited and narrow in terms of his vision of Nature and Human Potential, he wanted an approach to therapy that would include Spirituality, Intuition, Will and Imagination, one that would help people grow and self-realize themselves

Assagioli believed that the main task of a person is to find a Sense of Fullness within oneself and a Connection to a larger Whole, from our community to the entire World.

He practiced Hatha Yoga, Raja yoga and various types of meditation.

He wrote a preface to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, he delved into some of his books aspects of creative meditation and Eternal Wisdom.

He was interested in Theosophy, like his mother and wife.

Over the years he had several important contacts that allowed him to deepen his knowledge of spiritual traditions. For example, he met the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, the esoteric Ouspensky and Alice Bailey, the Buddhist Lama Govinda, the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, the astrologer Dane Rudhyar, the Sufi mystic Inhayat Khan, the Buddhist teacher Suzuki, the founder of the Logopedia, speech therapy, Victor Frankl and humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow.

> The Harmonization of personality and Integration in the outside world, which constitute personal Psychosynthesis, represent an important psycho-existential goal for each of us.

 But there is a great, and hopefully growing, proportion of human beings, who consciously or unconsciously, aspire to go further, to get in touch with a Higher Inner Dimension.

> The experience of this dimension does not devalue or surpass the life of the personality, but transcends it; by accessing a wider Reality, it impregnates the personality with new energies and illuminates the daily commitment in the world of new meanings.

The development that, through gradual and profound adjustments, leads to such achievements,

Assagioli defined it Transpersonal.

>> Transpersonal is everything that is "beyond" the common phenomenal experience,

it is a latent dimension in every human being that, when psychic maturity

allows it, can, or rather, must be activated.

It is a Reserve of Superior Qualities available to anyone who intends to evoke and develop them, through appropriate techniques and training to the Inner Search.

Roberto Assagioli said that everyone must become aware of

being a Citizen of Two Worlds and be ready to live

with their feet on Earth and their head high towards Heaven.

Happy to help You!


The Naturopath, like the Holistic Counselor, are professional figures who do not cure pathological situations, do not use instruments of the health professions, do not make medical or psychological diagnosis, do not use therapeutic practices reserved for doctors or psychologists and do not propose any kind of medical or pharmacological prescription.

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